August 2017


Carolinas Trip to Burkina Faso - Part III

A different perspective

On Thursday I spent the day with the head of the supply chain, Nicolas le Clerc. Nicolas explained me his responsibilities within the company, the issues he is facing on a daily base and the improvements he has planned for the upcoming months.


Carolinas Trip to Burkina Faso - Part II

Women empowerment

On Wednesday Linda took Richard and me to visit the cashew processing sites. I have been active in the sales of gebana BV for several years now. I know the specification of our products and production methods through documents, photos and other people’s experiences. The impact of the cashew processing did not really get through to me until I saw it with my own eyes.


Carolinas Trip to Burkina Faso - Part I

A missing backpack and 2 cocks

My name is Carolina de Velde and I work for the sales team of gebana BV in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. After 2 years in sales, I got an opportunity to visit gebana Afrique and see the production of dried mango and cashew up close. It would be my pleasure to share my stories and experiences with you through this blog.

10.08.2017 Einblicke

gebanas Fussballmannschaft

Letzten Sonntag startete in Bobo-Dioulasso, der zweitgrössten Stadt in Burkina Faso, die erste Runde des Grümpel-Turniers des Quartiers Accarville. Und unser Lagerteam ist mit dabei!