Perseverance Is Our Superpower

We have had our own supply chain for fresh Sugarloaf pineapples since 2020. The time has come to take the next step and transition to sea freight. We’re still getting the hang of it.

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09/09/2021 Production Ecology

Buy Less Meat

In Switzerland, gebana offers small amounts of meat a few times a year. Almost every time, customers ask us how this is compatible with our company values. We don’t think that gebana and meat are mutually exclusive but agree that we should buy as little of it as possible.

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07/29/2021 Recipes & more

Recipe: Homemade Parmesan (vegan)

There are some things we simply can’t do without in the kitchen. Parmesan, thanks to the finishing touch it adds to many dishes, is one such thing. This vegan version is quick to make and will make your hearty creations all the more special. Recipe by Moana Werschler, Miss Broccoli.

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