Why change the rules?

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Fair Trade Company
We are changing the rules

When trade flourishes, countries can develop and economies can grow. This leads to a variety of offerings that are adapted to consumer needs. Production, supply chain, distribution – the entire system becomes more efficient, thus increasing prosperity. So why change the rules of trade? Because wealth is unevenly distributed and we as consumers cannot see the whole picture.

In order for wealth to be more equally distributed through trade, poor countries require more investments and know-how. At the same time, policies aimed at ensuring fair redistribution are needed within and between countries. Until then, power will remain in the hands of companies. And if they do not value fairness and only share profits with investors, then they are fostering inequality.

On the other side, there are the consumers. Although they likely do not want to buy products that destroy the environment or cause social suffering, they do just that. They simply lack the necessary knowledge to ascertain the sustainability and fairness of a product. The unconcerned consumer relies on government regulations while the mindful consumer relies on labels.

Both government and labels are helpful. But both fall short. Swiss laws are of interest to no one in Burkina Faso, and labels have no influence on corporate policies and economic fairness. They merely ensure minimum standards instead of fostering more sustainability and justice.

Together, with your help, we want to change that and turn the rules of the game upside down. To find out about our approach, continue reading here.