Spice mix with wild thyme, 50 g and 12 x 50 g available

Zaatar is the Arabic name for wild thyme, which is the main ingredient of the spice mix of the same name. The mix plays an integral role in the cuisines of North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. In addition to wild thyme, the zaatar from Palestine consists of sumac, roasted sesame seeds, cumin and salt.

As low as EUR 4
EUR 8.00 / 100 g

Store the za'atar in a dark, cool place and keep the mixture away from light and moisture. It is best kept in ceramic or metal containers. Do not store over the cooker, as steam and heat will damage the aroma of the spices.

Nutrition Facts per 100g
Energy 3330kJ/809kcal
Fat 89.9g
Hereof saturated fat 11.7g
Carbohydrates 0g
Protein 0g
Salt 0g

Ingredients: Thyme, sumaq, cumin, salt, citric acid, sesame seeds 

NAJAT ABU SHE'ERFarmer from JANSAFOUT, Palestine
I don't rely on thyme as my only source of income.

Most of the women in my village are farmers. I have six daughters and one son. Five of my daughters are married and I have 20 grandchildren. My husband helps me with the work in the fields. There are two challenges for our farm: the wild boars that eat my crops and the competition in the market. I wish I could manage my own project and start a business producing and selling za'tar. I also wish the government would support us in marketing our products.

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