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Delivery in December

Delivery in December
Fresh Jiro persimmons from Greece. This variety is originally from Japan. The fruits are firm when harvested and will continue to ripen, though they still taste good before softening. You can eat them like apples, including the skin. These are not to be confused with soft persimmons, which are only edible when fully ripe.

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EUR 44
EUR 5.50 / 1 kg

8 Kilo is approximately 50 persimmons. The number varies depending on the size of the fruits.

Stored in a cool, dark place, persimmons will keep for about two months. At room temperature, the fruits ripen and become a little softer after a few days. Eat or process any soft fruits quickly.

  • Grown by 2 family farmers on an average of 0.47 ha in the Argolis and Euboea regions in Greece
  • Organic, rare variety (Jiro), irrigated fields, manually harvested and sorted, never repackaged, non-plastic packaging, transport: by lorry to Patras, by ship to Ancona/Venice, 100% of employees have an employment contract, wages on par with minimum wage or better
  • Purchasing straight from the farm since 2016

PANAGIOTIS KOUTSOUKOSFarmer from Moulki, Greece
Persimmons grow very slowly.

"The persimmons tide me over during the period when nothing else is growing on my farm. The fruit grows very slowly, but it's also quite hardy and able to resist all kinds of pests and diseases," says Panagiotis Koutsoukos. Besides persimmons, he also grows grapes, olives, apricots and lemons. "I do most of the work in the fields myself. At harvest time, my family helps out and we hire harvest workers. My two daughters really enjoy working in the fields."

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