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Summer Oranges

Greece - ORGANIC

Order until: 18.06.2023

Arrival of delivery: June

These sweet and very juicy summer oranges of the Valencia variety come from 7 family farmers in the Argolis region. They are smaller and a little more difficult to peel than winter oranges. When sorting the oranges, the farmers don’t follow on meaningless standards such as colour, shape and size. Every delivery can therefore contain different looking fruits.

EUR 44
EUR 3.38 / 1 kg

13 kilos is approximately 39-78 oranges. The numbers are so variable because the trees grow different sized fruits depending on their location and the weather, and we don't sort the fruits according to size.

Oranges will keep for about four weeks in the refrigerator or in a cool cellar. Check your oranges for bruises and minor damage as soon as you receive them. Eat these ones first. If you find mould, remove the affected fruit.

  • Grown by 7 family farmers on an average of 0.56 ha in the Argolis region in Greece
  • Organic, ancient variety (Valencia), irrigated fields, manually harvested and sorted, never repackaged, non-plastic packaging, transport: by lorry to Patras, by ship to Ancona/Venice, 100% of employees have an employment contract, wages on par with minimum wage or better
  • Purchasing straight from the farm since 2013
  • Potential for improvement: hire a fixed team of harvest workers

I can't imagine any other profession.

"Most of the people in our village grow citrus." Dimitris cultivates different varieties of oranges as well as clementines. This brings challenges. "I have to harvest several times a year. When water is scarce, it gets complicated." Despite everything, his job is very close to his heart: "Farming is a family tradition for us. Since my childhood, I have had a connection with nature and the rhythms of the seasons. I value that very much. We plant and harvest all year round. Every season brings new tasks. And last but not least, I like to create new life with my work. I love to see how the plants grow and how blossoms become fruits."

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