Fruit & Nut bars

Mango-Brazil Nut Bars

Burkina Faso, Various

No longer certified as organic due to an error in the import process.

If one of our customers trading in raw goods develops a great product from our fruit and nuts, we’re glad to add it to our product range. These mango and Brazil nut bars are one such product. Made by Fullwell Mill in the UK with mangoes from gebana Burkina Faso.


Please note: Due to a documentation error during import, the bars are no longer certified as organic. Because there was an organic seal printed on the packing of each individual bar, we needed to repackage them. They are therefore packed together in a larger bag rather than individually.

EUR 29
EUR 1,21 / 1 Stk.
Nutrition Facts per 100g

Ingredients: dried mango (33%, Burkina Faso), rice syrup, oat flakes, barley flakes, apple juice concentrate, brazil nuts (6%), sunflower oil.

Allergy information: May contain nuts, sesame seeds, milk, soya and gluten.

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