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Delivery in December

Delivery in December
Our kiwis are still hard as a rock when they are delivered. We ship them like this because kiwis are climacteric fruits, which means that they continue to ripen after the harvest and will become soft and sweet in your home. This way, the fruits have a longer shelf life and you can always eat fresh, ripe kiwis.

Order until 04.12.2022

EUR 41
EUR 5.13 / 1 kg

8 kilos is approximately 64-80 kiwis.

The fruit will keep for two to three months in the refrigerator or cellar. Take the kiwis that you would like to eat within the next few days out of the refrigerator and store them at room temperature in a paper bag together with apples or pears. The kiwis will be ripe after 2 to 5 days. Check your kiwis for bruises and minor damage as soon as you receive them. Eat these ones first. If you find mould, remove the affected fruits.

  • Grown by a single family farmer on 0.41 ha in the Ioannina region in Greece
  • Organic, rare variety (Tsechelidis), irrigated fields, manually harvested and sorted, never repackaged, non-plastic packaging, transport: by lorry to Patras, by ship to Ancona/Venice, 100% of employees have an employment contract
  • Purchasing straight from the farm since 2016

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