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Burkina Faso - organic

Delivery in April, May and June

Mangoes are climacteric fruits, which means that they continue to ripen after the harvest. The family farmers can therefore harvest the mangoes in advance and transport them easily. The fruits will reach their full aroma in your home. In April, you can get the Amélie variety, which is very popular locally. Keitt and Kent varieties follow in May and June.


Available for preorder starting in February 2022.

EUR 59
EUR 7.38 / 1 kg

8 kilos is approximately 16-24 mangos.

After delivery, check your mangoes for bruises and blemishes. Consume these fruits first. Store the fruit well ventilated at room temperature. The mangoes will lose their aroma at temperatures below 10°C. The fruits can be kept for about 6 to 10 days. However, they will ripen faster near apples or pears. An intense mango smell means it is ripe.

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