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Delivery in May an June

Delivery in May an June

Fresh bananas that, unlike bananas from the supermarket, come straight to your home without passing through a ripening facility. They are therefore still green and can be ripened at home or cooked like a vegetable.


Order until 16.04.2023 or 14.05.2023

As low as EUR 53
EUR 2.94 / 1 kg

18 Kilo is approximately 115 bananas. The number varies depending on the size of the fruits.

Stored in a cool place, such as a cellar, undamaged fruit will keep for several weeks. Do not remove the plastic in the crate, as it keeps the bananas moist, which stops the ripening process. Dried out bananas will not turn yellow. Store the bananas that you would like to eat within the next few days at room temperature in a paper bag together with an apple. They should be ripe after two to five days. You can delay the ripening process by about two weeks by storing the bananas in an airtight ziplock bag. Check your bananas for skin damage when you receive them, since damaged fruit produces more of the ripening gas ethylene than undamaged fruit.


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