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Ortanique Clementines

Greece - ORGANIC

Delivery in April

Delivery in April

Orange + tangerine (mandarin) + unique = Ortanique. This variety of clementine is slightly larger than a mandarin and has a sour taste. The peel is slightly thicker than our other varieties. The thickness makes the clementines easier to transport, but peeling them is similar to peeling an orange.

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EUR 34
EUR 4.25 / 1 kg

8 kilos are equal to 48-72 clementines. The numbers are so variable because we don't give the family farmers and producers any size specifications. Nature decides how big the fruits will grow.

Clementines will keep for about two weeks in the refrigerator. If you store the fruit on the balcony or terrace in winter, protect it from frost with a blanket or in a polystyrene box. Check your clementines for bruises and minor damage as soon as you receive them. Eat these ones first. If you find mould, remove the affected fruits to prevent the mould from spreading.

  • Grown by 2 family farmers on an average of 0.3 ha in the Argolis region in Greece
  • Organic, rare variety (Ortanique), irrigated fields, manually harvested and sorted, never repackaged, non-plastic packaging, transport: by lorry to Patras, by ship to Ancona/Venice, 100% of employees have an employment contract, wages on par with minimum wage or better
  • Purchasing straight from the farm since 2014
  • Potential for improvement: hire a fixed team of harvest workers

Future generations should take a more active interest in agriculture.
"I'm a father. That's why it would never cross my mind to farm any other way than organically." Konstantinos Atsidakos lives with his wife and three children on his 10-hectare farm in the province of Lakonia. "The difficult thing about organic farming is that people in rural areas are not well informed. There is no environmental awareness." Atsidakos grows citrus fruits, such as Ortanique clementines, and olives. During harvest season, he depends on farm workers for help. "The biggest challenge for me has always been the changeable weather. Frost is especially difficult to deal with."
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