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Dom. Rep. - organic

Delivery in April, May & June

Delivery in April, May & June

Fresh bananas that, unlike bananas from the supermarket, come straight to your home without passing through a ripening facility. They are therefore still green and can be ripened at home or cooked like a vegetable.


Order deadline:

22.03.21 for delivery in April

19.04.21 for delivery in May

17.05.21 for delivery in June

As low as EUR 62
EUR 3,44 / 1 kg

After delivery, check your bananas for blemishes, which will produce more of the ripening gas ethylene as the unblemished ones. At around 13-14°C, the unblemished bananas can be kept for around 2 weeks. Store the number of bananas you want to eat soon at room temperature in a paper bag with an apple. They should be ripe within 2 to 5 days. In an airtight Ziplock bag, the ripening process can be delayed by about 2 weeks.


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