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Peru - organic

Delivery in April, May and June

Delivery in April, May and June

Fresh avocados, harvested by small Peruvian farmers. Avocados are a climacteric fruit, which means that they continue to ripen after harvest. The family farmers can therefore harvest the avocados when they are still hard and we can transport them easily. The fruit will ripen in your home after delivery.

Order deadline:

01.03.21 for April-Delivery and seasonal offer

25.03.21 for May-Delivery

20.04.21 for June-Delivery

As low as EUR 47
EUR 11,75 / 1 kg

The avocados can be kept for roughly 10 days at a maximum of 10°C. Store the number of avocados you plan to eat soon at room temperature in a paper bag with apples. As soon as the flesh feels soft when you press it gently, the fruit is ripe. After delivery, check your avocados for bruises and blemishes. Consume these ones first. If you discover mould, remove the affected fruit from the box to prevent the mould from spreading.

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