Start a crowd project –
and achieve even more.

Are you already supporting producers who are looking for a market for their products? Or would you like to start a crowd project for better and more sustainable trade? We will support you in this – together we achieve more!

Producers in the South often lack the expertise to be able to export their products. This is why we are making our specialist knowledge and expertise available, whether for a first-time export or to organise a subsequent joint order.

With our platform, however, you can do even more: for example, with crowds you can launch new products or establish a sustainable supply chain through crowd funding.

However, whatever you do you need a crowd – a lot of individuals who order a product or support a project – in order reach the minimum amount required for an export order or to achieve the goal that’s been set. Whether you’re the project initiator of an organisation or a private person doesn’t matter. What is important is that you have a strong network, that you’re committed and have plenty of stamina.

Are you interested in implementing a crowd project with gebana and are you prepared to do everything in your power to make sure it succeeds? Then please register with us!