11/29/2016 Insights

3rd trip: Back to Togo

For the second time this year I went to Lomé. This time the stay was much shorter and it is a crucial time since it is right at the beginning of the cocoa and soya harvest.

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06/22/2016 Insights

'Hello' to gebana!

I am Michael Stamm, 31 years old, born in Geneva, Switzerland. I newly work for gebana and during my first weeks here I will travel to all the gebanas in West Africa. I'm glad to share my experiences with you!

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10/23/2011 Production

Tunisia votes today!

When, in January 2011, the Tunisian dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, a breeze of freedom swept through not only North Africa but the whole Arab world. For the first time in many decades, people throughout the Arab world had the feeling of possessing the power to change their own circumstances. Tunisians, Egyptians and other people throughout the different countries let an “Arab Spring” begin.

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