The development of sustainable supply chains is laborious and complex, and is only possible thanks to the collaboration of various partners.

Producer organisations

The most important partners on the access-to-market platform are the producer organisations. Smallholder families acting alone have neither the product quantity required nor the expertise or means for the appropriate processing of their products for export. They hence form cooperatives or join forces with local companies.

Support organisations

The development of a sustainable supply chain requires players who know the customers' world and are able to provide energetic, long-term support to producer organisations in the South. Irrespective of whether the support organisation is a company, aid organisation or a private initiative – it is the key to success in gaining access to market. The following organisations have active projects on the access-to-market platform:

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Committed customers

A sustainable supply chain can only exist if customers buy the product over the long term. To this end, they must be convinced of the quality as well as by the health, ecological and social benefits of a product. In addition to end consumers, these include in particular key customers who import and market a product over the long term.

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Supply chain professionals

Modern supply chains are very complex and are organised in a highly collaborative way. Professional organisations provide background support for the development and product delivery stages – for example, on issues of quality, certification, logistics or export and import. gebana manages the coordination of these players and at every level provides partners the producer organisations can trust.

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