Global Farmers' Market

We create access to market and supply first-class foodstuffs direct from farmers to you.

Access to Market Platform

gebanaGlobal Farmers' Market

gebana works with farming families worldwide to deliver first-class organic foods direct to consumers in Europe.

Our work goes beyond organic farming and fair trade: we operate locally, invest in the development of sustainable value-added chains, advise and support farming families and process their products in the country of origin. This involves substantial risk, but also creates income and work in some of the world's poorest countries.

Our organic Fairtrade foods can be purchased via our online shop for delivery to you at home. Our fresh fruits are available on a "crowd ordering" basis under which you order ahead for immediate post-harvest delivery.

Our "Access to Market Platform" is intended to facilitate market access for new groups of producers. We invite our consumers to enable exports through crowd ordering, provide feedback to assist producers or make a financial contribution to help develop our supply chains.

Our vision is to change global trade in favour of farming families, local economies and the environment. This is not something we can do alone – help us by buying from our producers!

Recipe: Orange tahini cookies

Carolin from CaroKocht created a great cookies recipe with our delicious oranges from Greece, dates from Tunisia and chocolate from Togo! Using dates only as a sweetener, these cookies will have intense orange and tahini notes. Thanks to the oats ...

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Just arrived in Benin

After almost a year of talking about moving to Westafrica, we are finally there! This is just the beginning of an adventure and there is already so much to say.

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03/15/2018 Production Critical

Cocoa harvest 2017-18: Increase in volumes with pitfalls

After a successful harvest in 2017-2018 and a significant increase in volumes, we had to detect pesticides in our warehouse during the organic inspection in Europe.

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