Carolinas Trip to Burkina Faso - Part IV

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A trip to the clinic

Friday was my last working day in Burkina and on Saturday I would travel back to Amsterdam. I had a visit to one of the mango drying stations scheduled, as well as a sit down with the quality team in Bobo.


After breakfast I unfortunately did not feel so well. Was it something I ate? My body was not agreeing with me and soon the toilet became my new best friend. The route from bed to bathroom was frequently covered on Friday. Vomiting, diarrhoea, fever; how could I ever travel the next day back home? Since I was getting dehydrated and could not even keep some water down, Nicolas took me to the clinic in the evening. I do not really remember how I got there, but am eternally grateful for my colleague taking such good care of me. Many fluids, vitamins, antibiotics and syringes later, I was well enough to walk out of the clinic.

My health was still not restored, but at least I could travel back home. It was not the best goodbye, but it certainly did not spoil this fantastic week I had. I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel here and gain so much experience.

Burkina, à bientôt!

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