Carolinas Trip to Burkina Faso - Part III

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A different perspective

On Thursday I spent the day with the head of the supply chain, Nicolas le Clerc. Nicolas explained me his responsibilities within the company, the issues he is facing on a daily base and the improvements he has planned for the upcoming months.


While we are talking in his office we are interrupted multiple times by employees and suppliers. Nicolas is addressed as «Patron» and needs to put out several fires here and there. I realize that our colleagues in Bobo are working in a much more challenging environment and I respect them for that. They are often disturbed and internet is very inconsistent. While Nicolas is talking about the challenges for the supply chain, I start to see the gebana business from his perspective. The team in Bobo encourages the drying stations to supply a good first class quality mango. If the mango is not within specifications, the goods are refused. The dryers know what a good quality is and should offer their goods accordingly.


On the other side, the sales team from BV is pushing to get mango to the NL warehouse to supply customers. Nicolas and his team try to find a balance between all parties and demands. Consequently, the supply planning is changing frequently. gebana BV may receive other types of mango than originally ordered.

The next time the sales team in gebana BV has to improvise due to differences in supply, I will now understand the situation much better.

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